The TGC seal of approval.

An excellent range, excellent quality and excellent consultation.
TGC seal of approval

TGC does not only stand for Transporter-Gebrauchtwagen-Center (second-hand transporter centre), but also constitutes a seal of approval when it comes to high-quality vehicles, expert consultations and first-class service for second-hand vans.
The TGC seal of approval is awarded exclusively to approved Mercedes-Benz dealerships that unwaveringly live up to the high quality standards set by TGC and offer you a wide selection of second-hand vans, to name just one service. After all, each of the over 90 TGC dealerships across Germany boasts a vehicle portfolio of at least 50.
Customer-friendly opening hours and constant availability during these times ensure that you can benefit from TGCs services to the max. Simply drop in to your local TGC dealership and prepare to be astounded by the quality of our second-hand vehicles.

Our benefits at a glance:
  • Expert consultations
  • Wide selection of vehicles
  • Leasing and financing
  • Second-hand vehicle guarantee
  • Vehicle inspections courtesy of workshops
  • Purchases and part exchanges
  • Installations, enhancements and conversions on request